Creating a Culture of Fun at a Company Through its HR Department

Ask most of the employees at a major company what they think of HR and they will have the same response. Most will think of HR as the enemy; as the anti-fun police or the ones who crack down on anything interesting at the company.

Some companies are okay with HR having that reputation. But others want to create a different culture.

They want a culture of fun at their business, where people are happy and excited to get to work. The HR department can lead the way in creating this culture of fun by using these four methods.

  1. Leading by Example

Human resource departments cannot get employees to have fun at work without showing some humor and enthusiasm themselves. HR can showcase a more fun and playful side to the company by using images, gifs and memes during presentations.

While the information given in those presentations is important, conveying it in a hip and entertaining way will rub employees the right way. HR could even split up employees into teams and get them to play games to learn different policies.

  1. Provide the Necessary Guidance

The culture of employees being scared of HR is not going to go away overnight. But HR departments can take the first step, by explicitly telling employees they should try to have more fun at work. During a presentation or training seminar, HR can direct employees to use their discretion to create a more enjoyable, welcoming vibe in the entire office – so long as it helps and does not hinder the work they are doing.

  1. Preach the Benefits of a Fun Workplace

Talk to employees about the benefits of having fun at the workplace. It is not about turning the office into a locker room. The goal is to improve creativity and productivity.

People who enjoy their workplace want to be there each morning. They will arrive with a smile on their face, eager to work. It also reduces their stress, because they are in a comfortable environment among people they like.

Stressing these benefits to employees will help them understand why HR wants to change the culture within a company. And when they start to see that benefit, all of them will commit to being more fun while at work.

  1. Shout-Out Those Who Are Creating the Right Vibe

When HR notices that an employee has been leading the way in making the office a more enjoyable place for everyone, they should get a shout-out. It can be something simple, such as mentioning their name in a company newsletter or a company-wide email.

Such recognition will help employees see they are doing the right thing by being more fun and engaging while at the office.

It is scary to try and change a company’s culture overnight. But if upper management has noticed that employees are excessively stressed, unhappy and unproductive, it may be time for a shift.

HR can take the lead, as it is often the segment of the company employees associate with being the least fun. When HR takes the lead on bringing the fun back into the office, everyone will join in.