How eLearning Can Revolutionize Company Training Programs

Training at a business can feel incredibly dull to new hires, no matter what the industry. It is the same process of reading packets of information, sitting through lectures and attending seminars.

Companies keep these methods in place usually because management thinks they work.

But what if there was a better way to train new hires and existing employees using a method that delivers results and costs less money?

eLearning and Business Training

Training programs need to move away from the 20th century. Having employees cram a ton of information into their minds in one or two weeks is not the only solution. In fact, it is an ineffective solution that results in too much information being forgotten.

With eLearning, it is possible for companies to provide sleek, affordable and interesting training to new hires. Instead of boring booklets of information, employees can go through interactive training courses on their laptop, tablet or smartphone.

These courses can include videos, question and answers, short snippets of valuable information and other media. By providing information through a more modern medium, employees will also find it more enjoyable to fully participate in training before their new jobs starts.

eLearning and Scalability

One of the most useful aspects of using eLearning for business training is its scalability.

Say a business creates an eLearning course for its employees.

With regular training, the more employees that are hired usually means a greater cost. More books must be printed, training experts must be hired for more hours, space must be rented out for the seminar and other expenses come up.

eLearning ensures these issues are moot. The same course can be sent out to 20 people or 2000 people, because it is digital. All they need is a digital device to go through the course, which means they can use their own laptop or tablet. They can even complete the course at home.

Interactive Training and Tutorials

So much of the work being done at businesses is centered around computers and the internet. Employees are expected to know how to use specific software. A traditional training seminar cannot properly teach such skills. And even if it could, it would be an expensive, inefficient undertaking.

eLearning allows for the creation of interactive tutorials, step-by-step guides, simulations and practice exercises to help employees understand how to use software. By the time that employees comes in for their first day of work, they will have a much better understanding of the software and how to use it at work.

Continuous Learning

The final benefit of eLearning for businesses is continuous learning. Since eLearning is so flexible in its nature, employees can go through a course when they are off from work. They can spend an hour with a course every week, learning as they go along. Such a process makes it much easier for companies to continuously train their employees.

Businesses must realize that eLearning is the future of employee training. The sooner HR departments embrace this reality, the sooner they can create affordable, enjoyable and efficient eLearning courses for current and future employees.