Stuck in a HR Rut? These Four Steps Can Improve Training Programs

Training new employees is often the biggest challenge for a company. Taking on promising candidates and teaching them about the company culture and work ethic is tough.

HR departments must strike a balance between being fun and inviting, while providing valuable information.

If a business is unhappy with its current training methods, it may be time for a change. Here are four steps to improve training programs at a company.

  1. Assess the Competition

A great way to develop new training methods is to see what the competition is doing. It is possible to get an understanding of the competition’s training methods by using social media or online surveys.

It is also possible to ask recent hires about the training process at their previous jobs, as some of them may have experience working for other companies in the same industry.

  1. Post-Training Surveys

Want to improve an existing system at a company? Ask the people who went through it about its pros and cons. Those who have been through the training process at the company in the past few years can provide the insight into what is being done correctly and incorrectly.

The best way to get valuable answers is to post an online survey that is anonymous. It will allow employees to air their views honestly, without fear of the company holding it against them in the future. The answers may reveal an aspect of the current training program that is inadequate, unnecessary or frustrating to new hires.

  1. Leveraging E-Learning

Many companies are impressed by how much better their training programs are functioning after they incorporated e-learning into the process. E-learning is the future for businesses as it allows for employees to learn in short bursts, instead of having to attend a week-long training seminar before they begin working for the company.

With e-learning, it is also easier to provide continuous training to employees without disrupting the work process. These individuals can be asked to complete the training on a day off or weekend, which ensures they are still focused on their normal work when they are in the office.

  1. Align Training With the Company’s Operational Goals

The best way to boost a training program is to ensure that it is 100 percent aligned with the company’s operational goals. Say a company wants to improve productivity and quality of work among new hires. HR can then work to create a specific training program that is targeting these areas of improvement.

And when e-learning is properly integrated into the training process, existing employees can also receive new information and guidance to further those operational goals. It ensures the entire company is moving in the same direction.

Creating the perfect training program is not easy. There are so many ways that training can feel monotonous, uninspiring and a waste of time to new hires.

By assessing how it is being done by competitors, surveying recent hires about the current training practices, leveraging e-learning and aligning training with company goals, it is possible to create a more cohesive and results-oriented training program.