What are the Primary Functions of Human Resource Managers?

Jun 11 2018
Sally Bryant

To make an organization a successful entity, it is essential to appoint an efficient and knowledgeable human resource manager. The HR manager performs some of the unbelievable jobs that include looking for the right candidate to fill up the available position and also take care of the work environment. A HR is also liable for maintaining attitude and emotional balance among employees.

No matter whether the organisation is big or small, a HR needs to take proper care of its employees and ensure the prosperity of the company as well as its people. It is essential to identify and finally nurture performers in the entity and eventually groom them for leadership.

A proficient HR management supports some fundamental features, such as come up with suggestions and handling complaints. It is also essential for the manager to identify average performers and help them improve in their own way to ensure productivity.

Objectives of HRM

  • To enhance the knowledge and skills of employees and channelise them effectively so that an organizational goal is achieved
  • An organisation should identify individuals and groups and take the initiative to satisfy their desire by offering them monetary or non-monetary incentives
  • To ensure job satisfaction of employees and encourage them to understand their full potential and make proper use of it
  • To enhance the service offered by specific enterprise while developing employee morale which lead to efficient individual performance

HR manager plays a vital role in an organisation. A manager must improve and maintain a top quality work environment and make the organisation a suitable and desirable place among employees.

It is actually not possible for the company to achieve their objectives without an efficient human resource manager. The essence of a company lies in its happy employees and to reach the satisfaction point of employees it is essential for the human resource manager to perform efficiently. Finally, this can lead to higher productivity of a company.

Functions of the human resource manager

  • Employee management: You should understand that employees are the pillars of an organisation and so it becomes necessary to maintain an employee relationship, and this is an essential function of HR management. Through proper HR strategy, it is possible to develop good employee relations. A HR can influence behaviours and make them productive.
  • Proper communication: HR professionals act as a communication bridge between employees and their managers. An efficient HR should undoubtedly possess strong communication skills. This can ultimately help to relay information to employees. Whether it is related to sending emails to employees or preparing a speech, HR should know to manage them well.
  • Ensure proper training: HR will maintain the files based on credential renewal, and the manager will arrange the training program for employees so that better opportunities are ensured. The human resource manager is responsible for keeping up with license renewal.

The principal role of HR is to choose prospective staff and fill up the vacancies of different branches. HRM take care of the personal issues of all employees and make sure that their job is done responsibly in an organisation.