Why Do You Think Resource Management is Necessary?

Jun 11 2018
Sally Bryant
  • Do you know that human resource department is the most critical part of a company? If you have ever wondered why, then there is definitely some substantial evidence to support the statement. The HR department has a wide range of responsibilities, and they are known to be the backbone of a company. Sustainability of a company entirely depends on HR performance.

    Its policies and the work environment “judge” a company. The primary role of any human resource team is to ensure that the company offers a healthy and peaceful workplace for employees. Apart from recruiting new candidates, it is essential to come after the retention of employees. Through appraisals and motivating staff, it is possible to deliver a healthy work environment.

    Why is HR department necessary?

    Through the help of a competent HR department, it is possible to keep the employees engaged and highly energised. The employee-oriented workplace can undoubtedly lead to higher productivity of the company. Here are different reasons to sight that HR department is necessary and plays an entirely distinguished role in industry:

    • HR is liable to check and monitor the culture. Some organizations believe that HR owns the culture and what matters is the employee relations. But to maintain a healthy work culture, it is the responsibility of every employee to play their part efficiently. Maintaining discipline and decorum in an organization is what an HR should look after.
    • Talent management process is handled by HR exclusively. While coordinating with other managers of the company, a HR needs to take care of management development, succession planning, and performance management and different other aspects associated with talent management. As it is not possible for the HR person to handle these entire things single-handedly, the managers and other staff do proper planning and finally execute different strategies.
    • HRM also take the initiative to train the employees so that they can work in a team and act also as a teammate. This finally helps to work in a team and teach everyone to adjust and coordinate while working.
    • An organization has to undergo different hassles and issues. The HR department acts as a consultant and also helps to sort out various events. HR listens to grievances of employees and also takes the initiative to resolve problems.

Crucial role of HR managers

Today, most of the organizations look for HR managers who are a total package and act in favor of the company. Apart from having the theoretical knowledge on HR, it is essential that they have a deep understanding on the practical aspect of a company. The flexibility to get adjusted into a work environment and meet with situation-specific requirements should proof the ability of HR.

 Certificates may prove that you have sufficient knowledge and understanding of human resource management, but the role of HR is highly complex. As a HR manager, you need to deal with varied social issues related to the workplace.

An experienced HR manager, often can strategize things and make the outcome highly effective while being logical. The operational knowledge is implemented by HR and takes the initiative to listen to peers and understand the problem.